Opening Interviews of Karen Vardanyan, Levon Aronian, and the participants

Interview of Karen Vardanyan

I think such events are very important as they create a chance of networking both among companies and their employees. It has an effect of team building among the companies let alone the fact that chess is an intellectual game. I think that this cooperation will get closer and closer and there will come a time when we will bring IT + Chess cooperation to the international arena. By the way during the DigiTech, our grandmasters played with a quite complicated chess program created by our developers. Now we are going to open that program for all Armenians so that it can be used for players as a tool for practicing.

Karen Vardanyan, UITE


Interview of Levon Aronian

You know we are a thinking nation. Both chess and IT are the spheres where Armenians feel good and have real achievements. And when these two spheres join each other, this is really something!
I do wish good luck to the IT Chess Cup players both in the games and in any personal initiative they will ever have!

Levon Aronian


The most interesting fact is that IT and chess are very close to each other not only by their logics but also by the fact that IT is growing in the world and so does chess. A very good event! Thank you Synergy!

Amur Avagyan, Ginosi Apartels


I find the IT Chess Cup to be a very pleasant event as first of all it is a chance for all of us to meet our old friends, find new ones and get to know each other better. I am very glad that a chess tournament is being organized. Chess is one of the cleverest games giving you new feelings of aspiration to achieve new aims.

Aram Alaverdyan, VMWare


We are participating with 2 teams. After the local completion, the best 6 players were chosen. You know we could even participate with 3 teams, having 900 employees in the company, but we decided to be modest. We still have 1 week before the 1st tournament, so we will use this time in thorough practicing. We are taking the tournament so serious that we are thinking of inviting very strong players for mentoring our team. We are only thinking of victory.

Khikar Danielyan, BetConstruct


 The fact that there are 22 teams this year as compared to 8 ones last year, is an evidence that IT is really getting more and more interested in chess. Our 2 Synergy teams will try to do their best in practicing and preparing for the games properly despite the fact that we have not played chess for a long time.

Sargis Sulyan, Synergy International Systems